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Our mission is to provide useful, high-quality, elegant and innovative products to musicians.

My name is Jim Page, and I'm a musician in the Washington, DC-area suburbs.  I've hired production guru Bob Shade, president of Hallmark Guitars, to help get this first gizmo off the ground and clicked into the end-pin jack of an acoustic guitar near YOU!

An acoustic guitar fitted with an internal pickup is a wonderful appliance, but if the guitar-to-amp cable isn't plugged in, your guitar strap can slip off the end-pin jack and your prized guitar can crash to the floor or stage.

That hurts, even if it's a beater!  So, starting in 2006, I decided to figure out a way to stop that drop!!!

My first offering, the DropStop Gizmo, prevents your guitar strap from coming off your acoustic guitar's end-pin jack when no cable is plugged in.  Simple, effective and attractive.  It has a U.S. patent pending and will be on the market soon.

Here are some photos of the DropStop Gizmo!  As you can see, it'll be available in gold, nickel and black finishes.  Made of sturdy metal, there is a clear-lucite dome insert that allows you to personalize the look of your DropStop Gizmo.  The black-nylon bushing keeps the DropStop Gizmo from draining the batteries of many internal acoustic guitar pickup systems.

Snazzy aren't they?  And you can make the insert whatever you want it to be.

This site is currently under construction as I prepare the photos and text to tell you what you need to know about the DropStop Gizmo and where you can get one-- or many!

Many thanks to Brenden Hackett and Dick Boak of CF Martin and Company for encouraging me to patent and pursue this gizmo idea, and for their part in producing the world's most wonderful guitars.  They and their colleagues work very hard to make the world a better place through craftsmanship, pursuit of quality, and making music.

Please check out the subpages (links below) to this Website for additional info.

Check back soon!  

--Jim Page