Other Stuff of Interest!


Here's a little more about other projects we have going on.

First, I mentioned my hired gun, Bob Shade.  Here are a few of Bob's amazing creations:

This is the Hallmark 60 Custom solid-body electric:

Next, Bob's Barris Krest solid-body, honoring custom car designer, George Barris:

And, here are a couple of electric basses that Bob has in the research and development stage:

Tasty, are they not?  And they sound even better than they look!

Now, here is the cover of the book Jim recently completed:

There's a separate web page on this site for the book, which is now available on Amazon/Kindle as an ebook. Interested literary agents, give him a shout!

Here's a poster for one of the bands Jim plays in.  This band is a Bakersfield-country/rockabilly group, and the members change from time to time as our musical interests go in different directions:

More later!