Page Bros Prints

Here's a bit of info concerning the new venture my brother Jeff and I have started. 

We're creating fine art and historic prints on canvas from archived images or from photos supplied by our clients. The prints can be almost any size, and there are materials other than canvas that can be used, if so desired. The prints look amazing and are typically mounted on lightweight wooden stretchers, which can be hung that way or inserted into a frame.

I'm handling the research, photo manipulation and print production from here in the Washington, DC, area, and Jeff is placing the finished prints in the Naples, Florida, area. He has some galleries and historic parks and sites lined up.

This is a neat way to dress up your home or business. We can also provide custom framing and info on the best system for hanging these or other prints, photos or paintings.

I'll be providing more info in the days to come. 

Here's the website for this venture: