Who We Are!


Gizmo-Planet LTD is a venture starring Jim Page assisted in production matters by Bob Shade.  Here's some info about these two zany characters:

Jim Page

Jim is a mediocre guitar and bass player, and was until just recently the Associate Director of Creativity and Branding at the American College of Cardiology in Washington, DC. 

Formerly a graphic-production and marketing consultant for the Reagan, GHW Bush and Clinton White House administrations, Marvel Comics, the NASDAQ Stock Market and several ad agencies and publications, Jim has been in various bands since The Beatles hit him upside the head in early 1964.

He has never been the same since.  Jim recently wrote a mystery novel, Blood on a Sugar-Sand Beach, which is set in his hometown of Naples, Florida, in the 1960s.

Bob Shade

Bob is the president of Hallmark Guitars, a company which started in the surf-drenched California of the mid-1960s and now makes cutting-edge, high-design instruments that have gained recognition all over the planet.

Some of Bob's guitar designs are riffs off the classic Mosrite solid-body electrics of the 1960s, but he's designed others that go where no-one has gone before!  Please check Bob and his creations out at

You'll be amazed at what you see and hear there!!!  Bob is also a big Ramones fan and played guitar in a Ramones tribute band in his earlier days.  Bob's a custom-car fan, has more vintage toys than anybody, and has a history of contributing his guitars to worthy charities.  He used to be a pro drummer before becoming a famous luthier, but we like him, anyway.