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Jim Page

Jim most recently handled marketing and creative operations for the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, who operate 34 medical centers in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Prior to that, Jim was Associate Director of Creativity and Branding at the American College of Cardiology in Washington, DC. 

Jim has been a graphic-production and marketing consultant for the Reagan, GHW Bush and Clinton White House administrations, Marvel Comics, the NASDAQ Stock Market and several ad agencies and publications,

Jim's mystery novel, Blood on a Sugar-Sand Beach, which is set in his hometown of Naples, Florida, in the 1960s, is available on Amazon/Kindle. Jim is active in Lincoln research, and edited and produced The Flags of Ford's Theatre for historians Richard Smythe and Jim Garrett.

On his high-school summers, Jim worked at Marvel Comics in NYC. He saw first hand that the most difficult aspect of comic-book production was the laborious hand-cut color separations required for every page.

Jim's consulted with Marvel Comics in the late 1980s and developed and patented a method of doing color seps quickly and easily on a Mac computer. Fun and effective. Here are a couple of articles in the press discussing Jim's revolutionary process.