Creative direction, graphic design, and print production

My background includes creative direction, where I assist other graphic designers utilize their talents and abilities to get the best product for the client. Although I'm a graphic designer and print production person, I also design production and creative workflow systems. I enjoy collaborating with other talented designers and the clients. I know what good design is and how to achieve it. Also important is using the amazing technology available today to make things work smoothly and effectively. 

Here are some pieces where I was much involved in the design process, as designer or a collaborator, and am proud of the results.

Here's a design I did for a newsletter. This was strictly a design exercise, not an assignment:

Here's a logo for a jazz trio:

Cover design for a health and wellness magazine:

Website landing page for a company I co-own:

PBP Website

Business card for same company:

Jeff Card 2 copy

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