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Print production

How effective are you?

Tracking your production and vendor spend is invaluable in your decision-making.

Recording and tracking every aspect of a project in a design group not only keeps the account managers and designers informed about where their jobs are in the production process, but keeping tabs on each and every purchase and expense provides return-on-investment info that corporate decision-makers require.

This info has to be instantly accessible and totally up-to-date. So that is what I do. Using custom Excel spreadsheets, I can provide rock-solid tracking of every aspect of every task at hand, going back as far as my involvement at the firm allows.

This keeps the accountants happy, reassures the account managers that their budgets are respected and spent wisely and ensures that the design group is certified as useful to the firm. Invoices are tracked, coded and filed for ready access when required by the account team, accounting or auditors.

When budgets allow, web-based tracking solutions are invaluable for team members, and when the budget doesn't allow for that, I simply create spreadsheets that do much the same thing. Whatever it takes, it is well worth the effort.